Career Path

I spent a great part of my career with the International Committee of the Red Cross, in a variety of positions and functions both in the field and at headquarters. Strengthened by these experiences, I oriented my career towards guidance and training in stress management, making use of my original training in psychology, my experience of the humanitarian world and further education in victimology. This decision led to my present consulting work in stress management and psychological support.

Since 2008, I have acquired a solid experience in the field of guidance, training, and psychological support for humanitarian personnel and organisations. For the French Red Cross, I participated in the initial training of Delegates on an International Mission (Délégués en Mission Internationale – DMI) and of Emergency Response Teams (Équipes de Réponse d’Urgence – ERU). For the Humanitarian Office of the European Community, I carried out one-time psychological support missions in the field, and participated in the training programme for field personnel.

This career path was enriched in 2015 by the experience, within the Hospice Général, of welcoming and supporting migrants arriving in Geneva and of setting up community activities for them.